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Frapin Orchid Man draws its inspiration from the surprising personality of boxer Georges Carpentier, nicknamed in America as "the Orchid Man". Built around an animal leather accord that gives the scent its signature; power, elegance and the iconic aspect of boxing gloves. Patchouli brings hot and humid tones that conjure up the atmosphere in a boxing gym. Sparkling and energising Calabrian bergamot and Madagascan black pepper are a reminder of all the energy used up during a fight.


An absolute knockout! Capturing the vivacious atmosphere of a Parisian cocktail bar and a well blended cocktail, The Orchid Man is a careful balance of sweet and sour. Crisp aromatics are met with the sizzling energy of black pepper and citrus fruits, enlivened with the intoxicating note of patchouli. In typical Frapin style, this has a long woody dryness at its core tilted with fruitiness. Magnetism on skin.



Top: Black pepper, Bergamot, Lemon

Heart: Leather, Incense, Bamboo

Base: Oud, Patchouli, Moss


Fragrance Family:

Dry Woods 



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