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100ml - Black violet "Miron glass bottle with fine mist spray.

The plant derived Bio-ethanol is made from Australian sugarcane. It's highly effective properties kill 99.99% of bacteria. We have formulated our sanitiser to the WHO specifications and increased our alcohol factor to 70% for potent protection.


We have added a generous amount of Aloe Vera extract to keep your hands silky soft, helping to replenish them from the frequent washing and sanitising recommendations.


Scented with pure organic essential oils of Juniper Leaf & Berry, Lemon Myrtle, Blood Orange, Spearmint and Lavender.

Chosen for their antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, as well as the clear and calming effect on your thoughts and feelings. 


Black Tourmaline Crystal Essence shields from negative, dense or heavy energies. Fringed Violet Wildflower Essence maintains psychic protection and cleanses the energetic field.


100ml bottle.

70%Alcohol (Bio-ethanol from Australian sugarcane), Purified Water,  Aloe Vera Leaf Extract,

ESSENTIAL OILS:   Juniper Leaf* (Juniperus communis),  Juniper Berry*(Juniperus Recurva), Lemon Myrtle* (Backhousia Citriodora),  Blood Orange (Citrus sinensis),  Spearmint* (Mentha spicata), Lavender* (Lavandula angustifolia), Vitamin E.

CRYSTAL & WILDFLOWER ESSENCE:  Black Tourmaline+ & Fringed Violet+.

*Certified Organic, + Wildcrafted


Spray directly onto hands and surfaces, allow to completely dry.

(*Alcohol based sanitiser contains ethanol which is a flammable liquid and considered a "Hazardous good". Please note warnings on lable)

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