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Based far from the major cities, the lifestyle of those who work at Frapin follow the circadian rhythm of days and nights, the changing of the seasons, the wind blowing in the trees. This closeness to nature is sustaining; a synergy between those who at once model nature and are modelled by it, surrounded as they are by meadows, vines, rivers and woods. This proximity is the hallmark of the Frapin style, essence, and characteristic elegance.Frapin admires wood, for they work it, drink it and smell it. Wood is the epitome of their age-old wisdom. Frapin listens to its lessons and secrets. Its verticality shows the only way forward: that of ascending. It is at times hot, enveloping, aromatic or deep. It strongly underscores the Frapin style: that of Bois Blanc.



Top: Bergamot, Cardamon, Leather 

Heart: Iris, Leather, Heliotrope

Base: Cashmere Wood, Suede, Wood Notes, Cedarwood


Fragrance Family:

Dry Woods



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