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Frapin 1270 Extreme plunges us into a world of luxury, roundness, and power. Artistic Director David Frossar wanted to take another step for the renowned Frapin 1270, a tribute to the origins of the Frapin family, who settled in the Charente estate in 1270. The 1270 Extreme elevates the boozy and fruity cognac of the original 1270, delivering a more vividly fruity, lushly textured, and opulently gourmand version; taking the pineapple, vanilla, tonka bean, praline, and honey notes to the extreme.


Like perfume, Cognac has a wonderful array of aromas that beg for careful investigation. 1270 Extreme is a perfume that captures the aromas in a glass of Cognac. Wonderful fruit and nut notes and a wash of spice and woods, held on a bed of smoke and vanilla. Gourmand bliss. A bolder, sexier, and more opulent than ever than the original Frapin 1270.



Top: Elemi, Bergamot, Apple, Pineapple

Heart: Rose, Jasmine, Cedar

Base: Guaiac Wood, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Vanilla 


Fragrance Family: 

Woody Amber 



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